Rob Gray Nature photography :: Image #00351

Image #00351

Florence Detail

Litchfield NP, NT

I'd had my eye on this rock and several others for a couple of days. I first spotted it on the 18th when I was photographing at the base of the falls, but by the time I decided it was a worthwhile photo the area was too crowded.

Three days later I returned with this image firmly in mind. Actually that's not strictly true, the image I had in mind was reversed, when I originally scanned the negative I placed it emulsion side up into the scanner, so the photo was back-to-front.

By the time I realised my mistake I'd been living with the image for a while, I re-reversed it but decided it was better this way.

I probably would not have taken this photo if it was not possible to see below the water, the diffuse outline of the rock hints as to how much often remains unseen or 'below the surface' when we look at objects. And that includes people.

This rock can be seen in it's surroundings in Seabed in Stone (

Camera::Tachihara 5x4 field camera
Lens::210mm f5.6 Schnieder Symmar-S
Other details::Horseman 6x12 RFH