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Every now and again I have a really.

Over the years I've had a fair bit of work published in various magazines and books. Obviously I'm a photographer so I have a lot of images published, but I also write a lot and therefore often have both photos and an accompanying story printed.

This is a new section of the site, I have a LOT of previous writing to post here and will be creating new stuff as well. So stay tuned, articles and tutorials will pop up here as I get them formatted.


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Diaires of our experiences living on the road since 2001.
Wothahellizat Mk1 construction diaries.
Wothahellizat Mk2 construction diaries.

From despondency to the top of the world in one day.

"Tomorrow I will return to civilisation, but for the moment there is just me, the rocks, the grass, and the view. Most importantly there is the light. After all these years of photography I still get excited by the light."
Should photographers work for nothing? Some years ago I was offered a 'dream job' but when I did the math my response was "Yeah nah".

"So, in return for neglecting the normal operations of his or her business, the hapless photographer receives $1200 gross and nets $164. Even assuming only eight hours a day on the job, that's 69c an hour!"
Should photographers caption their images, or should we leave well enough alone?

"Edward Weston did caption his photos, but with names like Eroded Rock, Cow Tree Barn and Pepper #30 I think it’s fair to say that he wasn’t trying to add any meaning to his images."
I spend two days on top of a mountain, WITHOUT a camera.

"As long as I live I will never forget this moment. I have no photographic record, just a memory, but it's more real and vivid than anything I could create with silver halides."
Sometimes I get invited to photograph fascinating old buildings on farms. When I get there I meet equally fascinating people.

"while in the ancient laundry, amid bottles of developer and selenium toner, a Beseler 45 enlarger stands proud, complete with cold light head and voltage stabiliser."
Obviously you need a subject to make a photograph, but it's more important to have the right light.

"Always keep in mind that, as a photographer, you do not photograph objects, you photograph the light reflected from them."
Can a photograph have 'meaning'? I think so, but there are caveats.

"She is looking directly at the camera. The eye contact is intense and haunts me as if I were staring across the decades at the woman herself."

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The bower bird

"The next day we left Port Warrender, but not before I gave him a gift of a green peg, and saw that he had indeed attracted a lady friend. Have a nice life little bird, and thanks for the photos."

These articles are all in PDF format, clicking on the thumbnail images below will load the PDF into your browser, from there you can download it to your computer if you wish.

Wildlife photography in your own backyard

"For three weeks I only photographed around his house and in the immediate vicinity. Once or twice a day I would venture from the safety of the lounge room into the wilds of his veggie patch, or paw paw tree forest, hunting some of the world’s fiercest creatures."

Exposure and contrast control with B&W film

I wrote this in 1998, twenty years ago when I specialised in large-format B&W landscape photography. The principles are still the same however if you use film.

"The density of shadow areas is determined at the time of exposure. The density of highlight areas is determined when the film is developed."