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9 jun 1999

The Townsville rally was great. We do not go to rallies for the entertainment, the politics or the excursions, we go to meet old friends and make new ones and we did that in abundance at Townsville.

We flew up because it was just too damn far to drive and I am supposed to be spending all my time building our motor home. Still I figured I had one last chance to get some new ideas.

I met fellow chat club members Val and Dennis, some off-road MH owners including Don who owns a 4x4 Isuzu and friends Adrian and Carrol Capel, and some people that I just happened to bump into like Shane and Melissa, a young couple full-timing who are planning to build an ACCO (Shane sells digital speedos/trip odos and can fix your electronics problems as well as flip the image on your reversing CCTV, if your interested in any of this I can put you in touch).

Here are some photos I took at the rally. Here we see the main hall (top right) used for the entertainment etc.

Many of the motor homes were packed very tight. We saw several whose awnings were touching their neighbours.

Yet others had plenty of room...

Motor homer's get around a lot, that's the whole idea really

CMCA rallies are often situated in showgrounds or race tracks. Townsville was no different in this regard. After all, where else can you park 700 odd motor homes.

Mt Stuart in the background. If you're from around Sydney you may recognise Adrian & Carrol Capel's somewhat unusual 6x6 Thornycroft (with the pop top on the right).

The temperature was very pleasant and the atmosphere quite laid back. One evening I said to Chris that I should phone home and check our answering machine. As I reached for the phone we looked at each other and, in perfect unison said, "Nah, who cares?"

All-in-all we thoroughly enjoyed the trip and the rally.

On our way to the airport the taxi driver, on learning where we had been, said "I'd love to just pick up and travel 'round Australia, it's something I've always wanted to do". So why don't you I asked. "Well I'm on my own" she said. I told her of the solos network. "But then I might break down", I told her of the insurance policy and the fact that there is nearly always a member living nearby who will help. "But then there's the family...", at this point I gave up.

As it happens there was a fault in the aeroplane we were due to leave on and the flight was cancelled. We stayed an extra night which gave us a chance to show our photos of the ACCO to Shane and Melissa, they plan to build an ACCO based motor home as well. Maybe we can get enough off-road motor homers for a new chapter.