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Man I've spent a fortune in the last couple of months I confess that there has been a "retail therapy" aspect to this in order to make me feel better, but that said I have not just bought crap, every item is something that will be useful in my new life.

As you have probably noticed the updates here have been few and far between of late, this happens every couple of years, I guess I just get a bit jaded at times, but once again I promise to try and do better. Also there has been a huge change here at Wallaby Ridge and to be honest my mind has been on other things.

More about that when Chronicle #98 comes out.

Till next time then, and remember,

Don't Dream it, Be it!

Tue 09 Aug 2022

My new pressure canner, yes I have four freezers and am off grid so don't worry much about power failures, but canned food doesn't need any power at all so it's time to learn how to do that I think.


Sun 14 Aug 2022

John (neighbour) brings his tractor and jib over to help lift the fly press off the trailer.


Here it is just sitting on some planks. It will be a while before it can be moved into the workshop, partly because the workshop is not ready but also it weighs so much I'll have to build a gantry to shift it.


Wed 17 Aug 2022

The two vehicles in their stable.


I'm really liking the Mazda ute, it's quite a primitive vehicle but then again that's what I like, and it's a very useful tool. It has a problem with the starter motor and I often have to bash it to make it work, bad brushes or solenoid contacts I think, it will need to be fixed but I can live with that for now.

Fri 19 Aug 2022

A tool box for the Mazda ute.


This will allow me to put things like shopping bags in a secure and weather-proof place when I use the ute for a town trip.

Mon 22 Aug 2022

I bought a few hay bales today and set up a temporary range for archery.


I have a 45-pound recurve bow on loan and plan to buy it. I haven't done any archery for years but used to enjoy it.

Tue 26 Aug 2022

Another hay bail and some more corro.


Fri 29 Aug 2022

The first wicking bed is working well. Here we have some tomatoes and chilies.


Thu 08 Sep 2022

As I said above, I'm spending money like a drunken sailor, but not on crap, I'm buying things like tools that I will use a lot in the near future. Here we have a 14" wood bandsaw, a 6x4" metal bandsaw, and a large drill press.


So now of course it's becoming more important to get the workshop extension finished, or at least to a state that will provide better shelter for the new tools.







Date  ::   27 Mar 2023
Name  ::   Rod
Location  ::   Perth
Comment  ::   Good to see you updating the blog again Rob. The new toys, I mean equipment, for the workshop look awfully shiny. I hope none of the old faithfuls don't get envious and push them outside into the weather. ;)
Cheers Rod
Date  ::   28 Mar 2023
Name  ::   Nuno
Location  ::   Portugal
Comment  ::   Good to hear news from your side of the world.
Keep them coming
Date  ::   29 Mar 2023
Name  ::   Maka
Location  ::   The land of OZ
Comment  ::   More about that when Chronicle #97 not #98 you skipped a beat there.
Looking forward to hearing what adventures you have been up too !!
Date  ::   29 Mar 2023
Name  ::   GRAYnomad
Comment  ::   Rod, So far the new guys are getting along just fine with my old tools

Nuno, Thanks, I'll try.

Maka, #97 is already partly written and covers the time up to the stuff I'll cover in #98.
Date  ::   06 Apr 2023
Name  ::   Daina
Location  ::   Wollongong
Comment  ::   I'm reading between the lines again... And come up with two out of three possibilities. So wait with bated breath to see what has spurred this new (or possibly suppressed) trajectory :-}
Date  ::   13 May 2023
Name  ::   GRAYnomad
Comment  ::   Hi Daina,

Sorry for the late response. Three options eh? I wonder if you are on target

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