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After nearly two years Covid has finally caught up with me, no I haven't got it, but the rules have finally had some effect on my lifestyle. I can no longer attend a club I belong to.

I don't really care, it's a minor inconvenience for now but it's bloody annoying just the same.

We are very lucky in that none of the government's overreaction affects us so far, I wonder how long this will be the case. Mind you it's not just luck, for years we've been moving more and more towards living in an isolated manner, nothing to do with pandemics, that's just the way we prefer it. But it's worked out well in this case.

Till next time then, and remember,

Don't Dream it, Be it!


Tue 30 Nov 2021

I drive down to Maryborough to get a load of pavers. On the way I stop to photograph two trucks I noticed a couple of weeks ago.


That'll do for now, but I should be able to do better.

I borrow a heavy-duty trailer from my mate Andy at Appletree Creek and continue on to Maryborough. Fortunately Apex Masonry are located in the industrial area right on the highway at the north of town so I don't have to drive into the big smoke.

I get home with nearly 2.5 tonnes of trailer and pavers in tow. We have a deeply rutted part of the driveway track and of course it's been raining for days to so things are a little slippery.

"She'll be right" I said, "the hubs are in".

Well she wasn't right, but at least I got home, well on my property anyway.


I tried a few times but no go, the wheels just spin. I check the hubs because that's the oldest gotcha in the book. Yep, they are locked. Oh well I'll walk the rest of the way and figure something out tomorrow...hmmm, unless.

(gets back in the cab, looks at gear levers)

Not in bloody FWD, what a doofas.

All good, with FWD engaged I just drive out

Wed 01 Dec 2021

We've had an absolute ship load of rain lately. This has caused a lot of huge mushrooms to grow, so dang huge in fact that I didn't even have to grovel on the ground to take these photos, I just walked under them and pointed my camera up.

#35077 - Toadstool, Moolboolaman, QLD

#35079 - Toadstools, Moolboolaman, QLD

OK that's enough fooling around, there's a tonne (and a half) of pavers to unload and stack.


Thu 02 Dec 2021

Today I take the trailer back to Andy, on my return I see a couple of photos.

#35072 - Seen better days, GoodNight, QLD

This old 6x6 ACCO has been on my bucket list for a few years now and I thought I'd have to ask the property owner to set foot on his land to get a shot, but as it happens I can get a decent angle from outside the fence.

#35073 - Famr implement and storm clouds, Goodnight, QLD

Plus I revisit the trucks I photographed the other day. I essentially take the same photo but this time it's a pano of their entire length.

#35075 - ACCO 1830 and C-Line, GoodNight, QLD

Sun 19 Dec 2021

Today I thought I'd just go for an aimless drive looking for photos. Well not that aimless really as I thought I'd have a poke around my old nemesis, the Bingera Mill. As it's no longer functioning as a mill I think it might be deserted on a Sunday.

I'm right, not a soul in sight and I wander around for an hour or so. I don't go inside though, that might be stretching it, for all I know I am actually being watched but considered to be a harmless rubber necker as long as I don't take too many liberties.

#35082 - Mill Office, Bingera sugar mill, QLD

#35084 - Sugar silos, Bingera sugar mill, QLD

#35085 - Main building and sugar silos, Bingera sugar mill, QLD

#35087 - Gantry crane and sugar silos, Bingera sugar mill, QLD

#35100 - Crops and the sugar mill, Bingera sugar mill, QLD

#35101 - Corro detail, Bingera sugar mill, QLD

#35103 - The main building, Bingera sugar mill, QLD

#35104 - Decommissioned sugar conveyor, Bingera sugar mill, QLD

#35105 - Engines at workshop, Bingera sugar mill, QLD

#35108 - Engine outside workshop, Bingera sugar mill, QLD

Having done with the mill for now I head back homewards. There's a get together in Gin Gin at 4PM called the "Crop Swap". Apparently people just turn up, put what fruit and/or veggies they have on the table and take what they need from the table. I don't have anything to give at this point, but they say it's OK to just take.

But I still have some time up my sleeve so I take a back road through Wallaville, seeing this on the way.

#35088 - Run down farm house, nr Wallaville, QLD

#35090 - Run down farm house, nr Wallaville, QLD

#35091 - Run down farm house, nr Wallaville, QLD

There is a really brightly coloured pub in Wallaville and I've been meaning to photograph it for years, but by now I'm short of time so I'll give it a miss today.

I get to the Crop Swap location in Gin Gin just before 4PM, not a soul in sight. Hmmm, maybe I'm too early, I'll go and photograph the Tyrepower building.

#35099 - Tyrepower service station, Gin Gin, QLD

Still nobody at the Crop Swap, so I drive home.

NOTE: Apparently they all turned up late.

Fri 24 Dec 2021

50 years today since cyclone Althea hit Townsville. Wow, 50 bloody years.

I remember it well, we got off pretty lightly, especially as we were just one block back from the beach in North Ward (48 Landsborough street IIRC) .

We lost the garage door, an awning, some trees, and a plate glass window that exploded into the lounge room. If the back door had not been open to relieve the pressure when that window blew the roof probably would have lifted clean off.

All a big adventure for a 17-year-old.

Pic is at the end of my street IIRC, taken after the cyclone had passed. Mum wouldn't let me out during it, but I'm sure that I would have got better photos if she did.


Wed 26 Dec 2021

Yesterday I drove out to Eidsvold for xmas lunch at a friend's place. I had a few beers so camped there for the night and drive home today, stopping to take a few photos on the way.

#35110 - Aircraft hanger, Kerwee Rd, QLD

#35113 - Derelict shed, Kerwee Rd, QLD

#35114 - Rusty corro pipe, Monto-Mt Perry Rd, QLD

Stopped off in Mt Perry as well.

#90093 - Shed and yards, Mt Perry, QLD

#35116 - Backsmith's shed, Mt Perry, QLD

#35118 - Historic shed, Mt Perry, QLD

Mon 27 Dec 2021

Well well well, after nearly two years it's finally happened. Covid has had an effect on me, not much of one I admit, but the enemy is approaching the gates that's for sure.

A club I belong(ed) to has just gone full retard and decreed that you have to be double jabbed to attend. This decision was taken at the executive level as far as I can tell, certainly there was no general poll of the members. Of course before long you'll have to be triple jabbed, and then quadruple jabbed, and then...

So I've told them to jam the club where the sun don't shine, and as it's half way through the financial year to refund me 50% of my dues as well.

Now I don't really expect them to do that, and it's only $20 anyway, I just wanted to voice my disgust at the apartheid that's creeping across Australia. I enjoyed my time there but don't need it, solong and thanks for the fish guys.

BTW, a friend has the same problem with another affiliated club, if you're in the SSAA (Sporting Shooters Association of Australia) this could be coming to a club near you soon.

Wed 29 Dec 2021

Today there's a small get together with some friends at Smith's Crossing near Bundaberg. I photograph this old house from the highway about a kilometre away.

#90092 - Farmhouse ruin, Gin Gin, QLD

I did meet the owners a couple of years ago and got permission to enter the property to take some photos, and I might do better from close up but I like this a lot so will leave it at that I think.

After lunch at the really nice park at Smith's crossing I decide to head north to Rosedale and see what I can see.

#35024 - Change shed, Avondale, QLD

#35025 - Derelict veggie stall, Rosedale Rd, QLD

#35026 - Abandoned house, Rosedale Rd, QLD

Then head west on Diamond Hill road to the highway and from there back home.

#35027 - Creek crossing, Diamond Hill Rd, Rosedale, QLD

I got a few nice images and had a pleasant drive through the country side, I plan to do this a lot more in future.



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