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Date  ::   01 Jan 2006
Name  ::   George Standen
Location  ::   ,Cheshire,, England,
Comment  ::   Great Site
Date  ::   10 Jan 2006
Name  ::   Phillip
Location  ::   ,Bundaberg,, QLD Australia,
Comment  ::   ,I want someone to build a DSLR with a time machine,, so when I miss a shot,, I can jump back in time by a few seconds and have another go ,
Date  ::   11 Jan 2006
Name  ::   Michael U Johansson
Location  ::   Sweden
Comment  ::   ,Hi!
Excellent site of yours. You have done a tremendous job with your site! It would be great if we could exchange links with each other. You´re always welcome visit me at Galleies,, Art community,, Link directory and much much more...

Take care,,

Date  ::   17 Jan 2006
Name  ::   Jean McIlvanie
Location  ::   ,Nipomo,, CA 93444,
Comment  ::   I enjoyed reading about the building of your "RV".
Date  ::   19 Jan 2006
Name  ::   Paddy Lane-Nott
Location  ::   UK
Comment  ::   ,Mate,, You have achieved what I dream of doing - I spent 10 months in the back of two ford falcons cruising around Oz and loved every minute. I am so jealous!! You are an inspiration - your diary is fantastic & funny too. ,
Date  ::   30 Jan 2006
Name  ::   Arnold
Location  ::   USA
Comment  ::   well done!
Date  ::   02 Feb 2006
Name  ::   Rev. Johannes Myors
Location  ::   USA
Comment  ::   ,Shalom from a fellow winner of the "Talented Webmaster Award" from Hoover Web Design. I am in the process of visiting all of the winners of the award. You have a very interesting website. If you haven't already done so yet in your internet travels,, would you please consider this message as an open invitation to visit my website. Take care in Y'SHUA the MESSIAH. ,
Date  ::   16 Sep 2006
Name  ::   Rob Gray
Location  ::   Australia
Comment  ::   Guestbook reactivated after an 8-month absence
Date  ::   11 Oct 2006
Name  ::   Green_Monkey23
Location  ::   United States
Comment  ::   Sorry for your time.... Why i can't see images on this resource?
My Browser is: Opera.
Thank you.
Date  ::   20 Oct 2006
Name  ::   daza
Comment  ::   ,I was introduced to your site by a fellow traveler in a post on a prospecting forum. I bookmarked it and here I am.I'm particularly interested in building motorhomes as I have had my own and built 5 for others over many years. It was never an industry to me,, more a chalange that couldn't be resisted. my old AEC 1949 ex-goldfields bus is out there somewhere,, perhaps in NZ so,, if anyone who reads these pages. . . I lost an arm and a leg when I sold it; any news would be great. my reason for visiting this guestbook is because I am still on the road,, but under different circumstances. I'm getting older now and finding the official processes a bit hard to deal with. I would value some links to sites that hold useful information . . . getting harder to find information with the New Google Search,, Google has lost it's objectivity in my view and I can't get those small sites by real people,, with real lives and ideals anymore. No gripe. . . user pays. I wanted to ask for any links you may have that would assist me in getting my current home registerd in SA,, which seems the cheapest place to own wheels. I note that you don't have a links page hence,, my request in your guestbook. Sorry if this is a wild-card. I came to the 'post' box as a first point of entry. I didn't get a chance to 'taste the flavour' of the site before I posted. daza,
Date  ::   21 Oct 2006
Name  ::   Alexandra
Comment  ::   Thanx thanx thanx for such great job done above your website!
Date  ::   25 Oct 2006
Name  ::   Emma
Comment  ::   ,Dear Rob,,I stumbled across your website quite by accident and love it. You are living the day it will be me! I love the blogs,, highly amusing to say the least. Take care and enjoy the journey.,
Date  ::   14 Nov 2006
Name  ::   Paul Jones
Location  ::   ,Drumheller,, Alberta,, Canada,
Comment  ::   Yes I remember the ACCO's well. Grew up in Sydney. That has to be the best use of limited space I have ever seen. Love the shower and dunny idea. I am doing a motorhome conversion on an old city transit bus. You have given me a lot of new ideas. Great truck. Fantastic

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