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Date  ::   1 Jan 2005
Name  ::   Miguel Argresti
Location  ::   Buenos Aires
Comment  ::   EXCELENT site! I came across with it and I took a superb impression.
Date  ::   5 Jan 2005
Name  ::   David Edwards
Location  ::   ,Finland,, returning to Brisbane soon.,
Comment  ::   My God that is a beautiful vehicle. Hope I come across whatever it is you have in mind to build next. Love to know what ideas you have for the next one (what you'd change after having experienced this one). Have you written about it somewhere?
Date  ::   15 Jan 2005
Name  ::   Jerry McClelland
Location  ::   ,St. Catharines,, Ontario Canada,
Comment  ::   ,Hello Rob Thankyou for the wonderful adventure,, it is somthing that I have always wanted to do. Thanks again for sharing your dream.,
Date  ::   20 Jan 2005
Name  ::   stuart cutler
Location  ::   UK
Comment  ::   Very impressed by your site.
Date  ::   6 Feb 2005
Name  ::   Sonny & Micheal Starkey
Location  ::   Central Coast N.S.W
Comment  ::   ,A wonderful site,, We are wanting to travel in the near future. After reading your diary you have inspired us to hurry up. Thank you & hope to catch up with you on road in the not to distant future. S & M starkey,
Date  ::   19 Mar 2005
Name  ::   Gordon
Location  ::   Ireland
Comment  ::   ,Enjoyed your site,, best wishes,
Date  ::   20 Mar 2005
Name  ::   paul
Location  ::   usa
Comment  ::   great creations of the obsessive-compulsive mind.
Date  ::   18 Apr 2005
Name  ::   Brent Rasmussen
Location  ::   Wollongong
Comment  ::   ,Long time no see buddy,, remember me and my 4yr old son. We met at the devils marbles and camped for a couple of days together. We are back home now with Josh settled in at school. We had a great trip. I open my gallery in two weeks at a place called Berry just down the road. My web site should be running in a week or so. Glad to see you both are still going strong. Take care Brent & Josh,
Date  ::   6 Jun 2005
Name  ::   Kara Lake
Location  ::   ,Tennant Creek,, NT,
Comment  ::   ,i love your work! your pictures were all so balanced and focused.I loved all of your pictures,, you have inspired me to fulfill my ambitions of becoming a photographer. thank you. ,
Date  ::   8 Jun 2005
Name  ::   pauline and graham
Location  ::   blue mountains nsw
Comment  ::   Nice to see you are still busy with some great photography Rob... hope to see you around soon

Jedda the dingo
Date  ::   11 Jun 2005
Name  ::   Kym Leech
Location  ::   Gold Coast Austraia
Comment  ::   Bloody great site and project
Would you mind if I placed a link on the Experiences page of No Boundaries.
Date  ::   25 Jun 2005
Name  ::   ,Hugo (4x4 coaster,, Steve & Jill's mate),
Location  ::   Evans Head NSW (for now)
Comment  ::   ,Hi there Rob & Chris,, Thought I'd finally have a look for myself at your superb website!!! It's great... Hope you are not getting too tired of life on the road!
bye for now,
Date  ::   25 Jun 2005
Name  ::   ,Hugo (4x4 coaster,, Steve & Jill's mate),
Location  ::   Evans Head NSW (for now)
Comment  ::   ,Sorry,, meant to press rating 5,, that's FIVE OR *F*I*V*E*,
Date  ::   30 Jun 2005
Name  ::   John
Location  ::   melbourne
Comment  ::   Excellent web site Rob and fanatastic images.
Date  ::   5 Jul 2005
Comment  ::   ,A great website,, Rob. Well done.
mark tedeschi,
Date  ::   7 Jul 2005
Name  ::   Rick Abbott
Location  ::   Alaska
Comment  ::   Your website has been a tremendous help for us. We are in the process of building a North America version of you Motorhome. We do not have as much need for four wheel drive in the states and we are building a modular RV on the back of a UD cab forward flatbed. I do not know how you had the time to design and build your motorhome and keep a construction diary.
Date  ::   11 Jul 2005
Name  ::   Webmaestro
Location  ::   Australia
Comment  ::   ,Hi Rob,, G'day from Adelaide,, South Australia! Very nice and useful website. Please visit my website and South Australia!!!,
Date  ::   14 Jul 2005
Name  ::   DeVill
Location  ::   sydney
Comment  ::   ,hey Rob,, Love your work,, would say more but just a quicky,, talking to soembody about dust and digi. slrs
he mentioned using a can of compressed air to clean the lens and ccd,, might be worth a try?

pls tell us more about your experiences with digital
and shows us more pics!
Date  ::   25 Jul 2005
Name  ::   Tomas Karlsson
Location  ::   usa
Comment  ::   ,You're website looks very good,, it was a pleasure to be on you're. Keep on the good work ,
Date  ::   26 Jul 2005
Name  ::   Jayson a. Lamb
Comment  ::   ,Wonderful site,, Thanks!,
Date  ::   10 Aug 2005
Name  ::   Stephen Bennett
Location  ::   Canberra
Comment  ::   ,I sent Rob and email raving about this website.
Superb photos and great writing. The comments about the taking of the photos are very interesting,, and the diary makes great travel reading.,
Date  ::   27 Aug 2005
Name  ::   Val Melandri
Location  ::   ACT
Comment  ::   ,Rob,, I was happy to read that someone else is begging you not to stop writing your trip diary. I have enjoyed catching up with your travels and love your photographs. Please continue!,
Date  ::   18 Sep 2005
Name  ::   Damon
Location  ::   ,NSW,, Australia,
Comment  ::   Good stuff. Well worth the look.
Date  ::   4 Oct 2005
Name  ::   Fian
Location  ::   Bali
Comment  ::   ,This is fantastics website,, I will back soon...,
Date  ::   26 Oct 2005
Name  ::   Ernest
Location  ::   Hong Kong
Comment  ::   I really like you web and photos.
Your motorhome looks great.

Knew this web from a backpacker in HK who wrote a book.
Date  ::   1 Nov 2005
Name  ::   LAURA
Location  ::   CALIFORNIA


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