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Date  ::   14 Jan 2004
Name  ::   Mauricio Matos
Location  ::   Portugal
Comment  ::   ,I came to your site after reading your article on Profotos about that proposal from the travel company and I must say I had a lot of fun reading the email you sent them.
Talking about this site,, the pictures are great...beautiful work.,
Date  ::   26 Feb 2004
Name  ::   Arnol Adams
Comment  ::   its nice i like it
Date  ::   9 Mar 2004
Name  ::   Michael O'Regan
Location  ::   Brisbane
Comment  ::   ,Hi,,

I am venturing into the world of WORTs with my own ACCO 510a 4x4. Love seeing your diary and techo stuff.,
Date  ::   12 Apr 2004
Name  ::   cris troy
Location  ::   bundaberg
Comment  ::   well i came to the sit to see what was on offer in the way of motorhomes or converted buses but what i found was nothing so i will shop elsewhere possibly interstate
Date  ::   27 Apr 2004
Name  ::   George.Adamaitys
Location  ::   Canberra
Comment  ::   have you site listed on my favorates. Always enjoy reading your words of wisdom in the get real diary. Consider myself as a wannabe At the moment have two many shackles. (children and grand children) Our time will come next year to live the dream to roaming this great land. In the meantime will continue to log on to your great website. Thanx
Date  ::   10 May 2004
Name  ::   David Lloyd
Location  ::   Sydney
Comment  ::   ,Just back from the Budawangs. The gate before Newhaven Gap,, the state of the trail out to Folly Point and the state of my knees prevented us making it to Sturgiss this time. Thanks for the images of Morton NP. You capture how it feels.,
Date  ::   11 May 2004
Name  ::   Julie
Location  ::   ,Albany,, Western Australia,
Comment  ::   ,Hi Rob,,
Strange and happy result from Google searching for Woolies Fuel Albany. Up came your site. It kept me reading for hours - other jobs can wait! I love your diaries and your humour. So many interesting places and people on the road. Your photos speak for themselves. Fantastic. Don't stop.,
Date  ::   11 May 2004
Name  ::   Phil Van Camp
Location  ::   Southern California
Comment  ::   ,Hi Rob . . .
I check back once in a while to see your marvelous photos. You've a great eye for composition. Also,, I was interested in the narrative / photos of the early days constructing your vehicle. But I can't find those diary pages now. I wanted to refer a guy to them who is asking about using two sided tape when he skins over the windows on his bus conversion. Are they still here somewhere & I just can't find them?
Thanks,, Phil ,
Date  ::   28 Jun 2004
Name  ::   Peter Marlow
Location  ::   Dubai
Comment  ::   ,Rob,,
Many thanks for the coffee and chat at Uluru this week,, it was a pleasure to meet you both. Keep up the good work.

Date  ::   30 Jul 2004
Name  ::   Des Berwick
Location  ::   Summertown South Australia
Comment  ::   ,Rob

I contacted you a couple of years back to praise you for the site and gave an invitation if you were ever in my neck of the woods to visit the staff and students at the Centre for Creative Photography just out of Adelaide.

I've also made the digital shift (Canono 300D,, not the 10D as they were like hen's teeth when I was out buying). Same imaging system but not as many features.

Do you still use the large format for B&W?

regards,, and all the best

Date  ::   30 Jul 2004
Name  ::   Des Berwick
Location  ::   Summertown
Comment  ::   Sorry Rob

Forgot to give a rating.

Defintely 5+.

Date  ::   1 Aug 2004
Name  ::   Linda and Alan Withers
Location  ::   ,Mosgiel,, N.Z.,
Comment  ::   ,Found your web site through Gavin Murray's Hobohome site. Both make fascinating reading,, and both deserve to be put into book form. Go for it. Gavin used to live across the road from us,, and went to school with our eldest son,, hence the interest in his site. We have a caravan,, and now that we are retired,, live in hopes of travelling further afield.

Linda Withers,
Date  ::   3 Nov 2004
Name  ::   pat dixon
Location  ::   launceston tas
Comment  ::   ,great site,, love the photo,, saw the t.v. coverage too. best of luck with your plans in the future. brave indeed,, hope you do build another. best wishes pat,
Date  ::   17 Nov 2004
Name  ::   Juli Metcalf
Location  ::   Perth Western Australia
Comment  ::   We are Inspired by you both & being owners of a Hino 4x4 bus we have enjoyed some camping in it while still adding the finishing touches and for a while we have talked about travelling..
My husband has just asked me to visit your site and do some reading...i did this and i have now just sent him a text from work to say 'We need to make our plans and hit the road'.
Thankyou .. and keep the fantastic photographs coming.
Juli and Paul Metcalf
Date  ::   27 Nov 2004
Name  ::   Ralph Hales
Location  ::   Brisbane
Comment  ::   Wonderful pictures - inspiring scenes which grab the mind!
Date  ::   28 Nov 2004
Name  ::   John Anderson
Location  ::   Morayfield QLD/ Formely Canberra.30 Yrs
Comment  ::   Lying in bed listening to your interview made me wonder what in the hell am I doing working 70 hrs a week in a high pressure industry while you are out there enjoying've got me thinking......
Date  ::   30 Nov 2004
Name  ::   Kevin Parkinson
Location  ::   Yarra Junction Victoria
Comment  ::   ,Heard you on the Idlers Programme,, looked up your site and were amazed.!!!!! Most impressive,, half your luck,
Date  ::   4 Dec 2004
Name  ::   greg green
Location  ::   calgary alberta canada
Comment  ::   ,well it's snowing here in the great white north. i'm 47 and my girlfriend is 31. i've been talking to her about packing it in and living the life. she's so young. this is the second time i've visited your website and i think your truck is amazing. good job. i just finished reading the whole story on the buildup. you lost me on the electrical,, but the rest i loved. one question. i've never welded and you seem to think it's easy. how so? i know my way around wood and i wonder how much of that skill is transferable to metal fabrication,
Date  ::   5 Dec 2004
Name  ::   Neville Heintze
Location  ::   Murrayville Victoria
Comment  ::   ,What a truck and it would be great to do some thing similar but not able to at this stage but one day who knows what we mite do,, will visit the site again to see any new updates,
Date  ::   10 Dec 2004
Name  ::   mac
Location  ::   usa
Comment  ::   some of the best photographs i have seen. absolutely perfect on so many levels! great work!
Date  ::   31 Dec 2004
Name  ::   bobmug
Location  ::   Aba Ngwa
Comment  ::   Message: I love this site keep on the good job. Bobmug

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