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Date  ::   14 Jul 2001
Name  ::   Rod
Comment  ::   Awesome motorhome if your ever up our way (NT) drop in. I'll email you my details.
Date  ::   14 Jul 2001
Name  ::   mick and wendy
Location  ::   Australia
Comment  ::   hows it going rob cheked out your sites they all look great . wendy and i have been planning our journey for nearly 3 years now were on our way in the next 2to3weeks yippee!!! No real itinerary just cruisin looking for that elusive swell and the perfect wave. we hope to see ya's on the road somewhere on our trip take care se ya's mick and wendy
Date  ::   15 Jul 2001
Name  ::   Anthony Jones
Comment  ::   Hi there Great site very informative and fun to browse. I really liked the gate/door photograph very Ansel Adams. Beautiful. All the best Anthony Jones
Date  ::   15 Jul 2001
Name  ::   Nicholas Lindan
Comment  ::   Wonderful site. Instant desire to visit Australia. Checking my FF miles now. Need to get the Sheila to go too though. Where oh where though is this fabled & mythical 6x6. If it is anything like the photos....
Date  ::   17 Jul 2001
Name  ::   Ron Barnhill
Location  ::   USA
Comment  ::   As an RV owner I love yours. I can only afford a pop-up now but maybe one day. (Dream on) Actually my pop-up fits the bill for what we want. My wife and I really do enjoy using our camper and do whenever I can get a couple of days off.
Date  ::   17 Jul 2001
Name  ::   Vivian A. McGraw
Location  ::   USA
Comment  ::   Fantastic Rob. Wonderful thing you've done. Course it looks to me like it could use a woman's touch but it's your rig and if that's how you like it that's how it should be. You've done wonders with the working design tho' absolutely magnificent. Enjoy every moment you spend in it....Blessings Hugs Always Viv in NJ
Date  ::   17 Jul 2001
Name  ::   Steven Fletcher
Comment  ::   Robert That's one ausome RV you have. Must weight alot though. You did a fantastic job on the interior. Steven
Date  ::   18 Jul 2001
Name  ::   Ross and Gwen Rowe
Location  ::   Australia
Comment  ::   Enjoyed viewing your site Rob. All the best in your travels and we'll look forward to the new images. Congratulations on getting yourselves set up in your motor home. Maybe we'll have our camper before you get home to Canberra and meet up along the track somewhere. Our very best wishes Ross and Gwen
Date  ::   27 Jul 2001
Name  ::   Marc
Comment  ::   Beautiful images Rob - particularly the monoscapes. Great inspiration to a 'budding' photographer like myself. Good to see 'the bugger is back' (re:
Date  ::   13 Aug 2001
Name  ::   Madeleine Lees
Location  ::   Canberra ACT AUSTRALIA
Comment  ::   Fantastic site!!!!
Date  ::   16 Aug 2001
Name  ::   Matt Saarikko
Location  ::   Mooloolaba
Comment  ::   ,Hi Rob,, Good to see that the idea has turned to reality,, the truck must have taken more time to plan than New Parl House,, well done. We're still here on the Sunshine Coast,, I'm doing mostly underwater photos at the moment. Cheers,, Matt ,
Date  ::   16 Aug 2001
Name  ::   Shells
Location  ::   Scotland
Comment  ::   Love the photos Great stuff keep up the good work!
Date  ::   17 Aug 2001
Name  ::   Cathy White
Location  ::   ,West Virginia,, USA,
Comment  ::   Thank you for sharing. One of my closest friends lives in your country.take care
Date  ::   23 Aug 2001
Name  ::   Gerri
Location  ::   Narrandera NSW
Comment  ::   Love the website Rob ;-DDD
Date  ::   23 Aug 2001
Name  ::   Leigh Palmer
Location  ::   ,Wanniassa,, ACT,
Comment  ::   ,Love the photos,, pity about the spelling of Carillon and Lake Burley Griffin,, really enjoyed the essays.,
Date  ::   15 Jan 1980
Name  ::   Darren
Location  ::   Brisbane
Comment  ::   A very informative web page especially regarding costs when travelling on the road full time. Keep up the good work. Regards Darren
Date  ::   26 Aug 2001
Name  ::   ron johns
Location  ::   sydney
Comment  ::   ,this is excellent ROB,, I wouldn't have thought you would have time to organise this site,, you truly amaze me...well done,,
Date  ::   22 Sep 2001
Name  ::   WHKoo
Location  ::   Korea
Comment  ::  
Date  ::   23 Sep 2001
Name  ::   phil clark
Location  ::   ath fnq
Comment  ::   hi rob thank you for so openly shareing yore lives and insperations to those of us who can live it with you through your excerlent web looking forward to more as your lives unfold on the highway of life punintended
Date  ::   11 Oct 2001
Name  ::   Debbie
Location  ::   VA
Comment  ::   ,Would love to see the photos and web cams of where you have been,, and where you go.
Thank you,
Date  ::   16 Oct 2001
Name  ::   brooke
Location  ::   sydney
Comment  ::   ,very good,, the cow puzzle is very interesting!,
Date  ::   26 Oct 2001
Name  ::   Melissa J Peters
Location  ::   Ontario
Comment  ::   amazing site....
Date  ::   02 Nov 2001
Name  ::   Seung-ho Kim
Location  ::   South Korea
Comment  ::   ,What a wonderful works!!!
Thanks for giving us great pleasures.
I'm from South Korea. science teacher.
I'll introduce this site to my students,,return here often.bye.,
Date  ::   03 Nov 2001
Name  ::   Helen
Location  ::   Townsville Nth Qld
Comment  ::   ,Hi Rob,,
Have been following your progress for about a year now. Read somewhere earlier in your diary that you were coming to Townsville when you got the rig on the road. Hope this is still going to happen. Look forward to spotting you on the road somewhere up here
Great site.,
Date  ::   04 Nov 2001
Name  ::   Adam Bramwell
Location  ::   Newcastle
Comment  ::   ,Love your work Rob,, I've been following the site sporadically for a while now.

For an old fella,, you sure seem to have your finger on the pulse,, what with mixing the old-codger pasttime of caravanning with NewMedia publishing! A lot of people think caravanning died in the eighties with the advent of cheap plane travel,, that's perhaps good as most people jet off to resorts,, leaving great areas untouched for people happy to enjoy it at a more leisurely pace.

If lifestyle TV shows are the latest craze,, I wonder if lifestyle WebLogs are the next? Your get REAL ezine is a great read - the whole website is surprisingly refined,, and more importantly has good content.

Let's hope when you finally 'up-it' away you can find some arrangement to send-in your stories - the aforementioned webLog is an option,, perhaps?

Thanks for your time,,
Date  ::   05 Nov 2001
Name  ::   Ron Gauci
Location  ::   Hanwood NSW
Comment  ::  
Date  ::   09 Nov 2001
Name  ::   Andy & Heather
Location  ::   Carnarvon....not for 2 long?
Comment  ::   ,Hi Rob & Chris,,
We're still here in sunny C/von but sick of saying in 12 months we'll be out of 'er.
Would you beleive Andy has all butt redone the inside of the (ex Steves!!) truck?
It is looking fab.
So proud of the boy.
Guess I can get away with that being the 'older' women and loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Where are u 2 at the moment.?
Not the right site to write but couldn't find the email one.
Steves bus must be nearly completed by now?
Do you have thier email address.?
Going to the next rally Chris?
Can't say we will but glad we went to Griffith - bought the truck ( ot 'shed' as affectionaly I call it).
This working for a living and the stress that goes with it is 'crap'.
Can't believe we have to do it. Lotto? No luck ther either...............
Roll on.........something to make lots to retire early eh.
Well........ hope both of you are well and happy out there in the wilderness in the 'wothahellizat!!!???
Would love to hear back.
Heather & Andy
PS Regards to Steve & Jill should you hear from them.
Date  ::   27 Nov 2001
Name  ::   Phill Dresser
Location  ::   Norwich UK
Comment  ::   ,I found the site very rewarding,, easy to navigate and functional. Content is excellent and inspirational

Date  ::   02 Dec 2001
Name  ::   ian watt
Location  ::   brisbane--queensland
Comment  ::   ,hello,, i just had a talk with scott on water taxi from macleay island,, we have started a motorhome construction and modification service factory in brisbane,, hope you are going ok,, we may ask you advise if you are interested,, where are you now?. i hope to open a new web in new year about our factory ,, i would like to link into internet for motorhome services or other communications as part of our new factory services,, but that will come after we get our factory set up and running correct.we hope to offer web support for spares and repairs for motor homes any ideas?
regards ian watt,
Date  ::   03 Dec 2001
Name  ::   James und Claudia Webb
Comment  ::   ,Hi Rob,,

verry nice website and wonderful pictures.
We come back on this great page.

Best greetings and good lucky from Germany.

James und Claudia Webb
SYN - PHOTO 2000,
Date  ::   09 Dec 2001
Name  ::   Fabio Martino
Location  ::   Italy
Comment  ::   Your canyons are wonderfull!!
Look my site in new work and give me an opinion about
my canyons!
Date  ::   13 Dec 2001
Name  ::   John Phelps
Location  ::   ,Newaygo ,,Michigan U.S. ,
Comment  ::   ,Very nice Photography,, Black and White Photography is my favorite. ,

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