Rob Gray Nature photography :: Image #00243

Image #00243

Last Light on Yadboro

Budawang NP, NSW

Twenty minutes after making The Castle's Tail (#00242), while still on the same narrow rock ledge, I noticed the God beams starting to form over the ridges below.

The dark clouds where a bit unbalanced, but by including just the right amount of the silhouetted Mt Owen, I balanced the image.

I also made a wide-angle version of this photo with my 90mm lens, but decided later that this version was the strongest.

David Houlder was sharing the ledge with me, he was also using a large format camera but made very different images. Same location, same time, same equipment; but different photographer and different vision.

With no real chance of another photo opportunity, due to the difficulty in getting to any other vantage point, we just sat and watched the day fade, then climbed down to our camp in the twilight.

Camera::Tachihara 5x4 field camera
Lens::210mm f5.6 Schnieder Symmar-S