Rob Gray Nature photography :: Image #00230

Image #00230

Dragon Mist

Middle Beach, Mimosa Rocks NP, NSW

I was camping at Mimosa Rocks NP with some fellow photographers including close friend Joe Cali.

We rose before sunrise and went searching for an image or two. While walking around the rocks at the end of the beach Joe saw a composition and stopped.

I continued alone until encountering an area that was inundated by waves every few seconds and nearly decided that things were getting too hard. But something told me that the view looking back would be worth it.

Packing the camera away I bolted across the sand in between waves and climbed a few feet to the relative dryness of a rock ledge.

I liked the composition but felt that a little side light would help and, as the sun was still below the horizon, I decided to wait. I seldom do this, usually preferring to move on, but sometimes I feel it will be worth it.

Although the waves were not directly breaking on me, they were breaking only a few yards away, and the spray constantly drenched both me and the camera. As I use a plastic change bag for a darkcloth it also made a reasonable raincoat for the Tachihara.

About a half hour later the sun finally peeked over the horizon and gave me a delicate wisp of light on some of the rocks. It was time, and I tripped the shutter.

Camera::Tachihara 5x4 field camera
Lens::210mm f5.6 Schnieder Symmar-S
File size::7440 x 4129 pixels (31Mpx)