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Sun 6 Jan 2008

Ok Ok, I'll insulate the A/C ducting :-) I admit I was tempted not to, but I've had a couple of emails urging me to do so. I doubt we'll ever use the thing, but you never know and it does make sense to do it right.

After what seems like ages of wet and cool weather we have 30°C and 94% humidity today, and while that's a little tedious when engaged in manual labour, normally I find those levels quite comfortable. We've lived in temps up to 42° in the previous motorhome and didn't find it to oppressive. We didn't use the A/C then and were quite comfortable with a couple of fans.

The trouble with air conditioners is that, unless you are plugged into the mains, or willing to run a generator, you can't afford the power. As we free camp almost every day of the year and run almost entirely on solar power the running of an A/C is not really an option.

The only reason we have it at all is I think it's possible that one day we may be working somewhere and have power available. I this case I think it will be nice to have a cool home to return to after a hot day.

Meanwhile, returning to the subject of insulation, we've been doing the roof lately and have a stack of odd-shaped off cuts left over. Chris notices that the rear wall/deck floor needs to be insulated, and given that it will be covered by the cladding it doesn't matter what it looks like. So she gets to work using the off cuts.