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This is a quick photographic tour of the motor home's evolution. For a full blow-by-blow description see the diary.

Go here for some larger downloadable photos.


The original advertisement in "Deals on Wheels".

The truck emerges from the Marulan Fire Brigade shed.
It's love at first sight.

Removing the water tank and old body before the chassis stretch.

The chassis has been stretched by 2.5m and I'm stripping down the cab. Things have to get worse before they can get better.

The new livery on its first outing.

The first stages of the body.

The main work has been done on the frame, or so I thought. Little did I realise how much was involved in the details.

We hit the road for the first time in months.
Still a lot to do before cladding though.

Testing the articulation of the chassis in relation to the body. Check out the difference in angle between the front and rear axles, that's the chassis twisting, it's not broken as the passer by in the car thought, that's normal.

The finished look with everything closed down for driving.

The bedroom pop-top open in camping mode.

The kitchen bench and skylight.

The kitchen cupboards, microwave, fridge etc.

The bedroom with beds in "summer" mode, they slide on runners in the floor and when it's cold we put them together to form a queen-size bed.

The shower and bath.

The toilet and vanity.

Looking from the lounge room, showing the massive side windows, the rear the sliding windows and door leading to the deck.


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NOTE: Interior photos taken before the truck was finished and floor coverings laid.


The toilet and vanity are located in a full-height cupboard. The vanity is mounted to the door, so when you open the cupboard the vanity swings into position.

This required flexible plumbing that enters and leave at the hinge pivot points to reduce fatigue on the fittings.


The bedroom is quite usable with the roof down, but has full standing height with it raised.

The beds move on rollers allowing any combination of single/double and left/centre/right of room.


The shower emerges form the kitchen bench. A section of bench is raised to a vertical position to create a wall. A section of kitchen wall is swung out, this reveals the shower fittings and a second shower wall. The swing-out section becomes the third shower wall. The fourth wall was always visible, it's just the normal kitchen wall.


A general view of the kitchen from the lounge room. The shower emerges from the bench on the far left. The swing-out shower wall is the one with the clock on it at the rear of the kitchen.

Another general view of the kitchen, this time showing more of the skylight.

A three-burner gas cook top is under a lift up section on this end of the bench.

Looking from the lounge room through the rear window and one of the side windows. Note that the rear window is the only one with glass, all other "windows" on the truck have no glass, just Velcro'd flyscreens.

Here we see the slideout rubbish/laundry bin below the electronics control panel.

A 240ltr electric fridge is in the foreground.

We can easily store enough food to last us months, typically we only stock up four times a year. Here we see some of the under-floor storage after a resupply.
The lounge room cantilevers over 3m from it's support above the rear axles. There are also huge void areas where the windows will go, these of course provide no strength. Therefore what's left needs to be very strong. Here we see some of the W bracing on the lounge room frame.

Similarly the bedroom cantilevers over the cab with no support. It also has large void areas. Here we see the W bracing in the bedroom frame.

More gusseting was added after these photos were taken.

The entire body is mounted to the chassis on three points. This allows the two to move independently. Here we see some trials of the mounting. Note the angle between the blue steel (the body) and the temporary wooden tail light holder which is in line with the chassis.
The truck in its natural habitat, camping in the bush. Here the hydraulic roof is in the raised position.
Whale watching from the deck at Ningaloo. The deck is self supporting and requires no legs. Strength is obtained from the side rails. These hinge to the edge of the deck and store folded down. When the deck is lowered the rails are raised to a vertical position and pinned back to the body. This gives a web depth of about 500mm, more than enough to support a few people.

The rear steps are lowered by a winch that is mounted inside the lounge room floor. The tread plates are all all hinged and linked so they stay parallel and level as the steps are lowered. This is very useful as the ground is often not at the perfect height.

In this photo the ground falls away from the truck plus the truck is up on blocks for leveling. This makes the steps quite steep, but the treads are still level.

The 6x6 capability allows us to camp on sand dunes. In this shot you can see the 8 solar panels on the roof. They are embedded into the tropical roof so as to be flush with the aluminium and therefore less prone to being snagged by a tree branch.
We're not in the cold very often, but with the shutters closed and the heater on it's quite comfortable inside.
Field repairs on the side of the road. The large opening is the garage that holds two motorbikes. The door provides some shelter for the swing-out work bench. The inverter/battery combination is powerful enough to run all power tools including the small MIG welder.
Here we see the truck crossing a dry creek bed. It doesn't look steep but the approach and departure angles were quite severe.
19131 Deck folding sequence. (All around 200k)


On the highway south of Coober Pedy.


Camped in the middle of the Nullabor Plain with swallows circling. This was right near Cocklebiddy Caves, we can stay in a remote area like this for weeks if we like the place.
Camped at Marlgu Billabong, near Kununurra. Crocodiles, jabarus, ducks, egrets, all within a few yards of our camp, and it's free.
Parked in the bush with the Olgas in the background.