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MonoScapes: Black & white landscape photography

A book about the art, craft and practice of black & white landscape photography in the Australian bush, featuring a foreword by Maris Rusis and the large format black & white images of Rob Gray.

A few years ago I was asked by a publisher to write a book about landscape photography. I did so, and even designed and typeset the entire project. Then the publisher got low on funds and backed out.

If you want a feel for the writing style of the book then read some of my essays about photography, many of these are actually excerpts.

Naturally I would like a new publisher. All proposals will be considered, if you like the idea but not the design we can talk. If you don't like the idea there's probably not much we can talk about.

As always, if you decide to accept this assignment, get in touch.

For an idea about what this book is about read the introduction. To see what the current design looks like here's a few sample spreads from the dummy.

 Other worlds

Rise & fall of the view camera

Nature is big, really big

This book is about the practical and emotional aspects of making black & white landscape photographs. It's about getting a feel for what it's like to be a landscape photographer, but most of all it's about enthusiasm; enthusiasm about landscape photography, enthusiasm about being in the wilderness and enthusiasm about getting out there and "doing it".

There is after all only one way to become a good photographer and that is to take plenty of photos; then, when you've done that, take plenty more. In time the technical aspects of photography will become automatic but something else will happen. Slowly you'll stop looking at rocks and trees and start seeing relationships and balance. You'll learn to filter and discard the lesser images before you waste film on them (well most of the time anyway).

Because all photographers want to know the technical details they are included, however apart from that there is very little mention of f-stops, films, cameras etc. in the body of the book. I do describe the circumstances behind many of the images; I show examples of some less than successful first attempts and I describe how many of the effects were achieved.

But this is not a text book. It's a book about lifestyle and dedication. It gives you a feeling for the lifestyle of a landscape photographer and hints at the level of dedication that is required to be a good landscape photographer.

This book is divided into four main parts. The first features images that, while some of my best, have no particular story behind them or at least not enough story to warrant a full page blurb.

The second part is just the opposite, all words and almost no images. In this part I cover subjects such as reasons for choosing black & white, the meaning of a photo and the art vs. the business of photography.

The third part is both images and words, consisting of images and thoughts, either about, or evoked by, the images.

The final part includes the glossary, an index, a brief section about Australia, and a map showing the general location of each image.

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