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 Living on the Road :: the GRAYnomad Chronicles


30 Sep 17— latest
STILL building the house, yes I know, but we keep thinking of other things to add. The workshop is coming along well also.

Updated 14th Nov 2018.
Updated 23rd Jul 2018.
Updated 16th Jul 2018.
Updated 24th Jun 2018.

19 Jun 17— 20 Sep 17
Still building the house, well I pretty much though I'd finished but have decided to extend a bit and add more roof, what can I say, that's what I do.

28 Dec 15 — 13 Jun 17
Still building the house, although that's pretty much finished and I am spending a lot of time on the workshop now. Plus we are getting rignt into clearing the scrub from our land.

07 Dec 14 — 07 Dec 15
Building the shipping container house.

24 Dec 12 — 17 Nov 14
Not a lot happening until recently, but things are on the move, not literally as we aren't going anywhere for some time, but we are starting to get things done around the place, like starting to build a house from shipping containers

24 Dec 12 — 13 Nov 13
We leave the block for a while to look after some friend's property while they are away. While there we spend much more than we should on new toys. Then back to the block where we sit and basically do nothing except spend more money :(

4 Jul 12 — 23 Dec 12
We are now parked on our land and it's good to be back, but we sure have our work cut out for us as the grass and lantana (a really obnoxious weed) has gone berserk in our absence.

14 Dec 11 — 3 Jul 12
Finally back east, plenty of places to go, things to see and and people to do...or was it the other way around? We finally get back to our land in central QLD.

28 Sep 11 — 13 Dec 11
We head back down through the goldfields and across the Nullarbor.

28 Jun 11 — 27 Sep 11
Some lazy time on the Pilbara coast, well near the Pilbara coast at least.

31 May 11 — 13 Jun 11
Two weeks with some photo mates, much of which is spent walking in the Karijini NP. Then we're done with the central Pilbara for the time being so it's back over towards the coast.

28 Dec 11 — 30 May 11
Heading up the Great Northern Highway to the Pilbara. Then we spend a month in and near the fantastic Karijini National Park.

3 Oct 10 — 27 Dec10
Moving pretty fast (for us) we get all the way down the coast and into Perth.

23 Aug 10 — 2 Oct 10
We finally get back into WA and start moving down the coast.

1 Jul 10 — 22 Aug 10
More birds but just for a change this time we're sitting next to a river, well you do have to have a little variety in life eh?

8 Jun 10 — 30 Jun 10
More birds and more billabongs as we head west towards Western Australia.

22 Apr 10 — 7 Jun 10
Still heading north but we spend more time sitting by a couple of billabongs at Winton and Camooweal.

17 Mar 10 — 21 Apr 10
We drive north, spending several weeks just hanging around rivers and dodging floods.

31 Jan 10 — 16 Mar 10
Camping at Blowering Reservoir then with friends at Tocumwal on the Murray.

11 Nov 09 — 31 Jan 10
We hang out in one of the nicest spots around, the Yaouk (pron. yi-ack) valley.

14 Oct 09 — 09 Nov 09
A ten-day walk in the Budawang wilderness, followed by spending some time in our old home town, Canberra.

04 Sep 09 — 13 Oct 09
We finally hit the road and drive south to Canberra, visiting many friends along the way until we reach a spot just outside the Budawang Ranges where we prepare for the walk. I also finally get back into some real photography.

08 May 09 — 03 Sep 09
Still on our land in the bush near Gin Gin and have many friends drop in to stay. We start converting the Jimny for camping and generally getting ready to hit the road for real.

11 Feb 09 — 17 Apr 09
We spend time relaxing on our land in the bush near Gin Gin.

8 Nov 08 — 29 Jan 2009
Finally back on the road. After a brief visit to Brisbane we head back north for some R&R on our land.

Apr 07 7 Nov 08
Chronicles suspended for 18 months while I build Wothahellizat Mk2
Wothahellizat Mk2 construction diaries

And if you haven't been there before here's the story about building Wothahellizat Mk1
Wothahellizat Mk1 construction diaries

28 Aug 06 31 Mar 07
We swap our phone to NextG and decide to build a new motorhome.

28 Jul 06 11 Aug 06
We continue sauntering in the general direction of home, but it's too cold so we make a run for the coast and finally get home after three months Living in the Cruiser.

23 Jul 06 27 Jul 06
Seventh and final part of our 4x4 trip in which we cross the Simpson Desert.

11 Jul 06 22 Jul 06
Sixth part of our 4x4 trip. Featuring the Gunbarrel Highway and crossing through the centre back into Northern Territory and up to Chambers Pillar.

22 Jun 06 10 Jul 06
Fifth part of our 4x4 trip. The Pilbara including the fantastic Karijini national park.

13 Jun 06 21 Jun 06
Fourth part of our 4x4 trip, where we continue along the Gibb River road and explore the many gorges this part of the Kimberley has on offer.

03 Jun 06 12 Jun 06
Third part of our 4x4 trip, Mitchell Falls and Port Warrender, one of the remotest parts of the Kimberley.

23 May 06 02 Jun 06
Second part of our 4x4 trip, featuring the Bungle Bungles and into the Kimberley.

03 May 06 22 May 06
First part of our three-month 4x4 trip in to some very remote places.

31 Jan 06 02 May 06
Preparing the Cruiser for our Kimberley trip. Visiting friends in the Brisbane area. In front of the TV cameras again.

19 Dec 05 30 Jan 06
We just sit on the block at Gin Gin, smelling the roses and enjoying not having to do anything.

28 Oct 05 18 Dec 05
We are dragged, kicking and screaming, back into the world of bureaucracy, forms, and red tape.

20 Oct 05 27 Oct 05
My Dad dies.

20 Apr 05 17 Oct 05
We work at the gold mine, I also get another job installing a huge irrigation system.

04 Apr 05 15 Apr 05
In which we drive north, heading to our job on the Tyrconnell gold mine.

06 Dec 04 04 Apr 05
We stay in Bundaberg for a while then spend three months with friends on the Gold Coast. We buy a 4x4 and do a lot of work on it. The truck gets new shoes.

20 Aug 04 13 Oct 04
The third diary covering our time in the West MacDonnell ranges, then over into Queensland.

10 Aug 04 20 Aug 04
The second diary covering our time in the West MacDonnell ranges, near Alice Springs.

15 Jul 04 09 Aug 04
The first diary covering our time in the West MacDonnell ranges, near Alice Springs.

08 Jul 04 14 Jul 04
Watarrka (or Kings Canyon as it's better known) is also a great place. You could spend some time here, which of course is what we did.

13 Jun 04 07 Jul 04
Uluru and Kata Tjuta, Australia's outback heart is a fantastic place to visit.

24 May 94 12 Jun 04
It's raining and all dirt roads are closed, so we make our way up the Stuart Hwy to the Northern Territory.

28 Apr 04 23 May 04
Back on the mainland. We spend some time, and not a little money, in Melbourne, then make our way to the Flinders ranges.

14 Mar 04 27 Apr 04
The north east of of Tassie is called the "break o day" region. It's an area of remote beaches and forests, we stick to the beaches, then return to the mainland.

15 Feb 04 13 Mar 04
We head up into the mountains, but it's too cold for our thin blood, so we return to Friendly Beaches and the east coast.

03 Jan 04 14 Feb 04
We leave Hobart and spend time in the midlands and the west coast.

15 Nov 03 31 Dec 03
We spend a lot of time in Hobart while I work on the Tarkine photos. Then it's up to Freycinet, and down to the Tasman Peninsula.

25 Oct 03 09 Nov 03
Two weeks in the Tarkine Wilderness.

27 Sep 03 24 Oct 03
We finally catch the ferry to Tasmania.

30 Aug 03 24 Sep 03
Down the crowded east coast we drive. Most of our time is spent visiting friends, and freezing our tails off.

14 May 03 26 Aug 03
Quick drive back to Bundaberg to stay with my Dad. We stay in Queensland working on the truck and hiding from the cold.

17 Apr 03 13 May 03
Esperance, Cape le Grand, then across the Nullarbor to the Eyre Peninsular.

15 Feb 03 16 Apr 03
We camp in the tall timber territory around Pemberton, then, for a change, in an abandoned industrial area of Albany.

01 Feb 03 14 Feb 03
The south west of WA, surely one of the great areas of Australia.

13 Dec 02 31 Jan 03
We stay in Fremantle/Perth.

28 Oct 02 11 Dec 02
The Blowholes at Carnarvon, fixing the truck at Geraldton. We reach Perth.

23 Sep 02 27 Oct 02
WA north coast, Broome, Pt Hedland, Exmouth, Ningaloo.

09 Sep 02 22 Sep 02
Bungle Bungles (Purnululu NP), Broome.

24 Aug 02 09 Sep 02
Leave Darwin, Keep River NP, Kununurra, Wyndham.

24 Jun 02 23 Aug 02
Darwin, Litchfield National Park.

03 Jun 02 21 Jun 02
Longreach, Kynuna, Mt Isa, Camooweal, Mataranka.

05 May 02 02 Jun 02
Emerald, Sapphire, Rubyvale, Alpha, Barcaldine, CMCA rally.

14 Apr 02 04 May 02
Cania and Carnarvon Gorges, Biloela, gearbox brakes, Baralaba.

11 Mar 02 03 Apr 02
Leave Caboulture, Cooroy, Noosa NP, Tin Can Bay, Bundeberg, Mt Walsh NP.

06 Nov 01 10 Mar 02
Bundaberg, fixing truck in Caboulture.
25 Oct 01 04 Nov 01
Brisbane, boating on Morton Bay.

10 Sep 01 24 Oct 01
CMCA Canberra rally, we leave the workshop and finally hit the road, along the Murray, up through central NSW.

25 Jun 01

Interior nearly done. Meet Caravan & Motorhome Mag at Lake George.

10 Jun 01
Short trial runs. Nearly ready to go.

Jul 97 Apr 01

This blog really started with the documentation of the Wothahellizat Mk1 construction.

Wothahellizat Mk1 construction diaries



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