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 GRAYmatter :: Mugshots

Unlike most photographers I'm not particularly camera shy so, for better or for worse, here are some mug shots.

A couple of weeks in and around Karijini National Park in 2011, including a 5-day walk (scroll down to Thu 9 Jun for the main walk)

In the "Spider Walk".

Near the start of the walk, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (you may not think so but this is as good as it gets).

About half way through the walk. I will sleep absolutely anywhere.

Near the end of the walk, knackered.


Here are some shots from a walk through the Budawang ranges with two mates in 2009 (all by Glen Turvey).

No obstacle is too large.

On Mt Tarn, getting my pack back on after a break.

After a few hours of scrub bashing. Get the shirt, that was a rough few hours.


Climbing up into Monolith Valley

Here I am in the West MacDonnell ranges using my old 40-series Cruiser as a camera platform. Photo by Kevin Keldson.

And here's the multi-shot panorama I took from the roof.

Photographing a bug on a tree trunk. I have the Canon MT-24EX dual macro flash mounted on the lens, and a remote flash mounted on a Benbo tripod to provide some backlight. Photo by Phillip Damiano.

Blurry and not sharp but I love this shot because my dad took it and he's not around to take any more.

The climb up Uluru (Ayres Rock) is demanding but well worth it. This photo was taken at about the halfway mark by a tourist. Most people rush to the top, take a quick photo, then rush down. What a waste, I spent hours exploring the gullies, furrows and rock overhangs. Finally I was driven down by my stomach, I was starving.

In the background you can see Kata Tjuta (The Olgas).

In Dec '03 Glen Turvey and I spent a few days in at Cape Raoul and Shipstern Bluff. Glen took this photo of me keeping a safe distance back from the edge of the 200m cliff at Cape Raoul.

In Nov '03 several photographers and writers were invited to record the Tarkine Wilderness for a book produced by the WWF. We spent two weeks camping in the bush in the rain and cold. But the results were worth it. Glen Turvey and I were the only two photographers to stay the whole two weeks, mostly because we were the only two with nothing else to do :-) That's me sitting around the campfire at the top, in the red jacket in the middle photo, and nursing my tired feet in the bottom photo. Photos by Glen Turvey.

More information about the book.

April 2002, we were camped at Carnarvon Gorge and I decided to spend a couple of days up on Battleship Spur. This shot was taken on the way back down the spur, I was too knackered to take any photos on the way up.

This shot was taken in November 1998 by Rod Nazer while several of us were sitting on top of Mt Townsend. David Houlder and I had been out for a day camping on Muellers Peak. We moved camp to a great spot just below Mt Townsend then I returned to Townsend to meet our friends who came a day later.

Self portrait taken on Muellers peak as mentioned above. Lake Albina below, the Sentinel  and Watsons Craggs in the background, and Mt Jugungal on the horizon. The Albina/Muellers/Townsend area is my all-time favourite bushwalking spot and there's usually nobody else there. I hope to spend a week or two camped up there in the summer of 2014/15.

This shot was on the cover of Wild magazine.

Just for fun. This characature was drawn by a local artist, I used it on my promo material for a while.

Here I am standing on "The Grandstand" in the early morning taking a photo. Between me and the sunlit mountain in the background is Lady Northcote's Canyon, a very steep gorge that falls over a kilometre to the Geehi Valley. Note that I'm following rule #1 for the token-human-in-landscape, ie. always wear red. This image was taken by Liz Poon, Liz is a very accomplished photographer who mostly uses a panoramic camera.

Making a fashion statement at the top of Lady Northcote's canyon. In the mountains I often wear my thermals 'on the outside' as it were. If it's sunny they shield me from the UV and if the weather closes in they're warm. Next to me is David Houlder, fellow large-format photographer and bushwalker.This photo by Tyson Sadlo.

There's an American woman walking around the world. She spent some time in Canberra preparing for the 12-year trip and while here she saw my photos on display and got in touch.

Almitra is her name and she took this portrait while we chatted over a few beers.

Almitra's site

Every november a group of us used to spend a weekend in a Thredbo lodge. The idea is to take photographs of the mountains but as often as not we just hang out at the lodge, chat and enjoy the company. This shot was taken by Rod Nazer during a brief excursion to the Merritts Nature Trail.

1983, a magazine was doing an article about me and they needed a mugshot. Good friend and well-known photographer Rob Little obliged by taking a few portraits.

1979 in Africa, camping in the bush somewhere near the Masai Mara game reserve in Kenya. Note that even in deepest darkest Africa I managed to find Vegemite and Campbells stock pot soup.

In 1978 I flew to the US with the aim of getting accepted into a stock photo library. As it happens I wound up with Globe Photos, the world's largest at the time, but before that I spent some time sightseeing. Here I am on one of the trails in Bryce Canyon, Utah.

I got seriously dehydrated towards the end of this walk. On reaching the canyon's rim I was almost crawling and just stumbling from tree to tree to rest in the shade. It took me nearly an hour to make the last hundred or so yards to an ablutions block and water.

1975, in Kings Park, Perth. I was working as a photographer with Noel Holly's Illustrations P/L. Noel was a bugger to work for but I learned a hell of a lot about commercial/industrial photography.

Well this goes back a bit, C1974/5. I was riding motor bikes in those days which made photography quite difficult, especially as I was using an RB67 medium format camera (they are quite large and difficult to lug around). It's hard to see here but I had very long hair and a beard.

I shaved the beard after being disadvantaged in a fight because the other party could easily get hold of it.


1961 and I'm 6 years old. It's quite obvious that even at this young age I had an affinity for wildlife and was destined to become a famous nature photographer.

"So...you come here often then?"

I've always had a way with the ladies.

Isn't that cute. When people ask me what experience I have to build 14 tonnes of 6x6 off-road motor home, I simply point them to this photo. Nuff said I think.

Here I am at two or three years old, advising my dad on how to grow milk.




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