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These images are all copyright protected and as such you should not use them except as outlined below.

  • School projects. A student may use any image for a school project, all I ask is that I get a credit.
  • Positionals/comps. Professional designers can use any image as a positional but if the project goes ahead please contact me regarding payment, provision of a print, high quality scan etc.
  • Wallpaper. For personal use on computers. If the computer happens to be at work that's OK, but if my images are loaded onto 500 corporate machines, then I think it's fair to pay me for the use.

The fact is that I quite often let people use my images for all sorts of non-profit reasons, just and ask. However if you're making money from them then I want some of it

NOTE: I've had a lot of requests to use my photos in books and other publications lately. If it's for a club newsletter, a good cause, or some other non-profit purpose, I won't charge, and will do my best to send you a scan.

However...I've had people ask for world-wide exclusive rights for my images to go into a book, with no offer of payment. I think that's a bit rough, it costs me money to take these photos, time to prepare scans, and still more money to ship the results.

I take the photos for free because I love doing it, but why should I do all that work, and spend my own money, to give a publisher a free image? Are they giving the book away?

My lifestyle is simple, I neither need, nor want, a lot, but I do expect to be paid something.



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