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Living the dream on the road with Australia's weirdest off-road motorhome. This section is not about a seachange or a treechange, we've taken the freechange option.

On Sunday the 30th of September 2001 we drove our 30-year old ex-army truck from the workshop for the last time. At that point we were officially living on the road.

This section of is about our travels in "wothahellizat", Australia's weirdest off-road motorhome.

GRAYnomad Chronicles
 Over 60 chronicles about our travels around Australia.

 Details about building our truck, both Mk1 and Mk2, plus info about some other "WORTs".

Mudmap of our Travels
 Where have we been in the 10 years on the road?

 Some stories about bushwalking, solar power and other stuff that may be of interest to motorhomers.

 Links to sites and contact details to entities I've found useful.

 About the chronicles.

 Q&A section about living on the road and building motorhomes.


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