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Nature photography

Wildlife, landscapes and people from Australia and around the world.

I bought my first camera while travelling through the Panama canal in 1972 and I've been taking photographs ever since.

I worked in Canberra, London, Perth and for a New York stock library etcetera etcetera and after 40 years I can probably claim to at least know what end of a camera to look through.

If you're interested in nature photography, check out this section.



Living on the road

Living the dream on the road with Australia's weirdest off-road motorhome. This section is not about a seachange or a treechange, we've taken the freechange option.

On Sunday the 30th of September 2001 we drove our 30-year old ex-army truck from the workshop for the last time. At that point we were officially living on the road.

This section of is about our travels in "wothahellizat", Australia's weirdest off-road motorhome.

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Electronics & Computing

For twenty years I slaved in the IT industry, just over half of that time was spent designing hardware and embedded systems at assembler and 2GL (2nd generation language) level, and the rest working on high-level fuzzy-logic code at a more 3GL level.

Even after I "retired" I never stopped writing PC applications but now I'm also back into designing embedded systems with microcontrollers.

So this section explains what I'm doing in the IT field these days and details some of the projects I'm playing with.


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